Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Orpheus & Eurydice digital thumbnail sketches

           Been over loaded and stuck in my home by all the two and four inches of snow, homework has been a pretty good breeze. Also, it was a nice transition to get from the great weekend with my family plus driving home with my big brother :) I will him luck for the year and hope he enjoys it. 
          First off, quick update from last week, I turned in the illustration 2 homework but I really felt I needed to redo some of them. As you can see, the night scene is the most interesting and interactive composition than day and dust scenes. So below on the left, I re did the dust& dawn scene, now knowing how to use the wet ink media and the layering direction. I'm still working on the day time scene, hopefully soon as long as I can balance it with the new assignment. We know have to research the origin of a Mother Goose rhythm and prepare for watercolor medium next thursday. It pretty much an adaptation of an grim fairy tale but upon a childhood poetry.

           Next I went into life drawing 2, learning that I should continue my lines down the page and balance the composition with everything in sight. We also went into ink wash painting again like freshman year, where you use of black ink, paint brush, paper towels and water create a figure in the result. I would say that there is a little improvement in the mark making, compared to last year.

          Lastly, during my spare time I have been able to practice with drawing with my tablet and photoshop elements. One of assignments is to take the greek story of "Orpheus and Eurydice", the tragedy tale of a husband trying to rescue his wife. Here is a quick summary but I would recommend viewers to read this story and see what thumbnail scenes illustrate:

           Orpheus was a talented musician that could entrance man, beast and god with his music. Then one day, his newly wife Eurydice was wandering into the woods when she come upon a poisonous snake that took her life. Orpheus then journeys to Hades, approaching the god himself to listen to his plead. In the end, Pluto (aka Hades) release his wife to him but asks him to not look upon his wife until he reaches the moral world. Once crossing the ferry man and returning to the surface, Orpheus turns around to make sure Eurydice was still with him but suddenly sends her back to Hades. She isn't angry or disappointed because she knows of her husband good intentions but unfortunately returns back while Orpheus is unable to retrieval her again. He then goes to depression that affect his music until he comes upon thracian maids who end up murdering him and destroying his instrument. His body piece are retrieved by the lake nymphs and are then put to rest where he finally be with Eurydice.       


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