Saturday, January 11, 2014

Circus Submission

Peacock Twin    24" x 12"
cut paper, watercolor, gouache, oil & hard pastel
             During my winter break, this is one of the projects that I'm going to submit for a gallery show. Like in the title, the show is circus theme based so I combined the idea of siamese twins and animals that would be exhibited in a circus. Creating the figures were fun, using cut paper to shape the characters then painting the details with watercolor. However it was difficult putting them on a background.
             From what I learned from school, you usually have to plan and do the background first before finishing the main object first. But since I did the figures first I had to come up with creative canvas; something that would contrast with the values of purples and green peacock feathers. This style was inspired by Brittney Lee, who also has her own blog and artwork that you need to look at. Seeing her artwork reminded me how passionate I was to use paper collage. My first paper collage was done my sophomore year of high school, seeing a senior create a paper collage of a panda bear challenged me to make one. This is one of my favorite paper collages that I created for AP Art, it took the longest time to glue the wing feathers and piece together the pieces like a puzzle. Hopefully, I will be able to post more paper collage pieces for you to see my progress.

I hope you all had a
Happy Hanukkah! Happy Christmas! Happy New Years!

The link below goes right to her blog

Yellow Wing, Cut paper, 18 x24


  1. Look at Maine artist Holly Meade's work also. Beautiful work- woodcuts and cut paper children's book illustrator. Sadly she died last year at the age of 56.
    LOVE what you did with the Siamese Twins!