Friday, January 17, 2014

Sketching 28 pages_part 3

So, I back and doing good back at art school. What I enjoy about this school is the sense of community and so many friends that you can come back too. Like Monday night, although I missed a night of video games and board games, I got to play hide-and-seek in the dark and the guessing game is just enjoyable to do with friends.
Anyways, continuing onto the other sketches from the sketchbook project. . .

Pg 16-17,  pen&ink

Pg 18-19, pen&ink

Pg 20-21, pen&ink

Most of my passion of art has been influenced by graphic novel illustration. Currently this is my drawing style that is in progress, trying to more away from the vivid drawing detail and manga facial expressions. Not only am I displaying my illustrations but also one of my stories. On an another post, I'll post the story and give you input.

Pg 22-23, watercolor&gouache

So this is based on the artist, Danny Dennis, with the combination of beautiful imagery and abstraction. On page 22, this is known as the Water spirit that must be based on an Indian or cultural style. So then on page 23, I design my own masks related to Dennis' style and the basic contrast colors. The mask shows uses of design patterns, mark making and mortifying creatures into the sphere.  

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