Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I do when I'm stuck in the house

Well, after a huge wave of snow clouds, I have been mostly stuck in my house doing artwork and preparing for my next project. I am will to go visit friends but today seems too cold to go outside for a walk. So besides doing homework, I find myself filling up my watercolor sketchbook from last semester. Here are some watercolors that I done so far :)

These are some of Mary Blair's thumbnail squares that she done from the Disney movies of Peter Pan and one of Donal Duck's movies. Here I get to play but learn about the use of color theory and it's transition value.

From looking at the Art of Rise of the Guardians, I saw the concept art from Jack Frost and was surprised that they didn't go with these choices. Instead of throwing a hoodie on him, they could have put the elements from his origin and the forest that he woke up in. So here are some of my sketches of what he could be and my own fairy creature. That's the one with the lime green skin.

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