Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sketching 28 pages

         Usually when return from a long first semester of art school or college, you would find yourself working long hours, or driving around with your friends to a movie, or finding yourself sinking into your couch as you watch the lights of the television screen. I pretty much did most of everything that I list, the only thing that I wouldn't have done is working. What I mean is working at a job, however I found myself working tiresome hours to fill a tiny sketchbook before its deadline of the 15th of January.
        This sketchbook came from a program called the Sketchbook Project. What it is a touring library show of those sketchbooks that are shown through many cities and states. You can use many types of mediums in the sketchbook, such as watercolor, printmaking, pencil, cut paper, pen&ink and so on. Here are some of the pages that I drew in the sketchbook, I will post more pages another day.

Here is the like to the Sketchbook Project website if you wish to look into it

Pg 1, Pencil, Pen&ink, Watercolor, Gouache

Page 1 is always hard to fill in. Since this is the one page that you will first open up then judge upon the entire sketch on. I have know idea what you see in this image but this just an experimental page. At first it was done in pencil, then it went to pen&ink to make some values then to watercolor & gouache to practice with color transition. I do wish that that I had time to finish but it does show my process of sketching. 

Pg 2-3, Pen&ink
This one kind of speaks for it self but here is the background story to this image. It starts with the small opened tuna can in the top left corner, which was included in one of my pastel still life drawing. So when drawing this, I was listening in on the zombie TV series, Walking dead. I guess the imagery and atmosphere it creates this strange imagery, I guess. You decide?  

Pg 4-5, Pen&ink, watercolor, gouache
Here, this is an example of why it's fun to have a sketchbook. You don't have to go in order, you don't always have to go page by page. One day you may feel like drawing in page four but another, skip to page seventeen. So first, page five is done in watercolor and gouache of a fortuneteller sitting on a moon like shape. This was one of my ideas for the circus theme submission. On page four, I was just doodling reputation of design pattern to a drawing of my loving dog Kona, which is an observationally drawing of her. Then the cartoons here were inspired from listening to a review of the one hit single of "It's Raining Men" by the Weather girls or Two tons 'o fun. This is just an interpretation of the song's meaning.

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