Friday, January 24, 2014

Life Drawing class

 A few days ago, I turned nineteen years old on the 22nd of January. 

Happy Birthday to me!!

I honestly didn't know what I would do for my birthday because it would be my first time to celebrate it at Art school. I had no classes because of the snow storms that closed down the school so I was stuck in the house doing homework. However, that was the day that we lost our heating in our apartment so it was just wearing slippers and layers just to keep yourself warm. But in the end, a bunch of my friends came over and just hanged out for an hour. They even made me a birthday cake, or artistic shaped cake. I wished I could have done more but that night was very special to me, just to be with good friends and company :P

      Anyways, what do I think of Life Drawing? It's very different from what I was expecting it to be like. Yes, it is six hours of drawing models, including a hour break for lunch, but there seems to be a specific way to drawing that from what I am normally used to. 
     Before, when I was in my Drawing I class, we learned how to crop or do standard drawing of models. Here, my instructor wants to draw to model out like a blueprints. You used the charcoal as light as you can, while you layered sketched lines to search out or mark the parts of the form. It is continuously layering and sketching strategies in order to get the accurate structure.
     Not only do I have to retrain my mind to draw a different ways, such as drawing from feet up to, figuring out composition and just measuring and marking the figure over and over. It is very unique but I am willing to learn more from this class.

     Then in 3-D Design, it has been interesting for our first project, with a medium I never thought as art. We had to construct aluminum foil art structures, which allowed me to express and play with the art medium with my hands. I will post a picture of it on Sunday. Coming up, going to be working with wire. With all the wire supply and tools I got on my birthday, I do hope something creativity will come!

By the way, for fans of the Starkid's Starship Ranger, here's a watercolor gouache picture :3 Enjoy

Bug's Wish, 8"x4", Watercolor& Gouache

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