Friday, February 7, 2014

Finished Wire Boot :)

           Finally, my 3-D Wire project is complete!!! I just having that extra snow day of 8 inches did help get some work done. I do hope that everyone was safe and didn't lose power or heating in their homes. 
         Last year, a huge blizzard like this, stuck upon my hometown, causing us to lose our power, pumping and heating from our house. At the time, I was freezing myself when shoving snow but I'. glad that I was with my family when it happened. All those long nights of huddling on the counter top and playing board games was the most family bonding I had for my last high school year. I just pray that they are doing alright back at home now.
          Back on track, this is my wire shoe that I am officially calling it complete because I fear that the wire will be torn up by the tension. Overall, I did really enjoy the countless hours of twisting, pulling, pinching and stringing together. I'm hoping that I get to create more sculptures and projects out of this material for fun or small gifts. 
         The boast to exploring this medium was when I watched a video about Alexander Calder. He was the creator of mobile structures that were in motion do to the mathematical theories. However when I saw his earlier work, he constructed illustrations in wire. It just looks so beautiful, as if you were drawing with wire, making one continuous line. Not to mention, without knowing, my Aunt happened to meet him in Connecticut and visit his studio long ago. She remember barely understanding him since he talked in mumbles with a hard tone. She didn't realize it back then until now but I do wish I got the privilege to meet him. Check out his website and see for yourself:
But all I know is that my next medium is natural sticks, branches and wood. Wish me luck. 

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