Friday, February 28, 2014

The Nights of Beverly

        I am seriously, wanting spring right now but it never comes. Or when it does, like yesterday, it will have a vibrant sun and snow shower share the sky. Then in the nights, it is like walking through sheets of transparent ice as the wind whips in to your face. However, it is probably one of the most peaceful times to enjoy the town. 
         During the day, it has become a day of backing to your destination and back. The streets are roomed by swarms of fast steel boxes. They function on their own rules, roaring at each other and dashing to the next available spot. When it is the twilights of Beverly, you get to wander the streets quietly under the street lights and star dust. Not to mention the awesome jazz music that comes out of local pubs and restaurants. Hearing that saxophone tune makes me do our jazz hands down to our house.  

Here is what I drew in Life Drawing Today :)

         So, last night was another college activity of "Whose Line is it Anyways". For those who aren't aware of this television, which I would be surprised of, consist of comedy and improv performances. The contestants improv different situation, through questions, props, hats, sound effects, guessing games and interaction with the audience. It is a great time to get entertainment and fast pick up lines from your classmates. Best time ever for the Winter semester!! Make me not want to come back home.

One week left to Spring Vacation   

Cinderella and the Carriage, 6.25" x 4", Watercolor and Gouache

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