Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tiny Sculptures

Here are some examples of some wire figures I tried creating for fun.

My first attempt to a wire animal was a pig. However, it didn't come out as I plan when I didn't know how the structure of the body. Also, wasn't sure how the legs would be like. So, I'm calling this the "Pig Caterpillar", because, why not. I'll keep to remember my mistakes is this technique.

Second one what the attempt of a Seal. Overall, it have the shape and form pretty well. Even the fins are pretty held together. But I'm probably going to fix the head so it has the dimensional shape like the rest of its body. Overall, I give it my seal of approval XD  "Seal Pun!"

Lastly, my third one is probably my favorite one so far, the crane. Not only did I get this structure to stand up on by itself but it has the similar form that Calder had with his figures. If I had to make some improvements, it would be the legs, the feet seem uneven and could be neater. But I am happy with my progress with it and wish to produce more like this.

Oh yeah, here I am today. In the afternoon, I ventured out into the snowy park commons to gather tree branches for the 3-D project coming up. But here's a poem to describe today outside, and thank my mother for calling me :)

Winter's Chill
by Heather Burn

Winter arrived no warning
snow covered the ground
like a weightless blanket
the air was brisk 
sweeping across my face
chilling to my spleen
you touched me
I was warm again.

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