Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14th (Part 1)

 Happy Valentine Day!! 


The time where we exchange our deepest passions to the ones we love. Whoever they may be, let us hope that this isn't the only day that we need to express our adoring compassion. It should be shown through every second of your life.
For that, I will to say thank to my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my dearest friends, and the people who look look up my blog. Without them, I do not think that I would be here following my love for art. The reason that I started this blog was not only to see my progress of my art developing but as an journal for my future self to look back upon. I do wish that I started recording my life far back but this time is define the career path I go forwards in and my life overall :) Thank agains everyone xoxo 

Inspired Pajama Sam and Florette love scene, 7"x11", watercolor & gouache

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