Sunday, March 30, 2014

Artrageous Auction!!!

               So, last time was the enormous and most popular event of Montserrat College of Art was the Art Auction, the Artrageous28!!! What it is is a large, large party that auction off student, alumni or teachers artwork. But this is no original party for the public, it cost about a hundred dollars of get into the auction so there are a lot of rich citizens coming to purchase artwork.

                Here is a sample of the artwork from the silent auction, I do wish that I taken more but if you go on the Montserrat main website and the Art Auction site, pictures will be coming up soon about the entire auction,

                 Probably one of the best impression that we bring to the party is the food. OH MY GOSH, THERE IS SO MUCH FOOD!!! From fish tacos, wrap tortilla, spring rolls rolls, fired rice, cheesy noodles, sweet potatoes fries, cheese that taste like bacon and mini hamburgers are spread through out the show. I could even say that this food is considered art for tasting amazing.  


                         When walking around, the Auction takes place around a large warehouse, which is much bigger than the area from last years Auction. Here, there is a lot more space to walk especially when all thousands tickets were sold. When walking around, it is pretty much like walking in a museum, where you can view all the silent auction pieces. They also featured a living activity band to perform spacey but enjoyable music. Also there were several workshops areas that Montserrat students sampled their artwork of printmaking, painting, life drawing, animation, drawing and jewelry making. This was where I worked.

        This is a dear friend of my that I was surprised on see there. All semester, he has been wrapped up in homework and decision on his major so I rarely get to see him. 

          At the Auction, I was at one of the most popular stations where I created pastels portraits.

             The first one on the left wasn't my best because I was adjusting to Auction world I was drawing it. Not only do you have a number of people looking over your shoulder, you have photographers flash photograph shining in your eyes. Also I haven't really mastered white pale skin tone since it is a paler orange and unusually light reflection.
            The second one was a lot more enjoyable once adjusting to the atmosphere. Using the darker tones allows me to use color layers of tones. Not to mention, creating the awesome beauty blue hair.

             Overall, I had an enjoyable time at the auction and would wish to attend it again. All I hope to be invited to draw portraits again or perhaps submit something for the silent auction. Once again, check out the website and see what you miss out on :)

           Also, I forgot to mention this my last blog. For the plaster project I am working on, I have to create an organic human organ. Here are some of my possible sketches to choose from on Tuesday.

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