Friday, May 23, 2014

The Early Summer Days

                         What can I say now? I'm home, clean up the house and I get to meet up with my home town friends. But for these last ten days I been tucked in my room working on my independent graphic novel. And yes, these are all the pages I made, and they are more that I have to redraw. I really making this my top project to finish, by see these pages illustrated and printed in a paperback book would be amazing. A lot of effort has been put into my Senior year and now I want it to be finished as something on the book shelf. Then my next project will be something made out of my college years. 
                          Sunday, I'll display some of my pages, with the hope to announce that it will be all finished and ready for the next step. 

                         However, while I had the long days that go to three in the morning, I allowed myself Thursday to be my relaxing day. While mostly enjoying the pc games, I got to attend a gallery show in West Hartford at the Golden Thread Gallery. From all the traffic and the on and off showers storm, I was really excited and honored to come to this show. 
                         If you remember a couple entries ago, I wrote about some working art studios I got the opportunity to see and meet local artists. One of the artist that I met was Josie Dellenbaugh, artist sculptor, painter and poet. She has worked long and hard for 25 years and now showing her beautiful bronze pieces is the best thing to happen to her now. Also all her pieces are perfect for this environment  because it is set up in a garden gallery of the West Hartford monastery. From the imagery of transquility, christianity and the connection to an higher spirit of these pieces are strongly imprinted with. When seeing them out of the studio and in a garden is pretty amazing to see and I am so proud of Josie that she got to exhibit these pieces to everyone. 

Thank you Josie Dellenbaugh for letting me know about your show and wish you all the best to you in the future. I do hope we keep in touch very soon.

Be sure to check out her website to see more of her artwork

Also here are a few oil painting exhibited at the Golden Thread Gallery show. The theme of this gallery was about Wonder, what the artist interpret this idea and impacting these paintings. Make sure you check out their website for more information

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