Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Poetry Festival 2014

                Yesterday was probably one of the day that got my relaxed and glad to ride on the train this semester. This weekend was the celebration of poetry writing, held at the Poetry Festival in Salem, MA. Even with finals wrapping our minds, two good friends of mine and I planned and made it to the event. There we could visit panel of poetry books and listen in on poet's readings through out the area. Unfortunately wasn't able to photography the events since they took place in the museum but I'll do my best explain them.
                  First thing we did, besides riding the train, walking along the sidewalks and purchasing a coolatte (seriously, Saturday was the most beautiful day of that week and was glad to get exercise), we quickly choose to see the interior Installation "Line Break". This installation was created by Colleen Michaels and Lillian Harden, creating a visual sanctuary for the viewers to travel to. The visitors travel up the staircase as poetry phrases hang off the side of the stair, transiting the atmospherical space to the top. Once you reach the top, a small space displays a hammock hovering over a number of Yogibo seats like a raft surfing onto of the ocean. When you look underneath the hammock, minute long slides read out phrases of poetry as suggestions of peace and relaxation flood over the readers. Once you push yourself our of the room, when looking down the stairs there is a hammock hanging in the center with the phrases of poetry whirling around like a whirl pool. There was even a wonder about why there were those handmade books filling the hammock, making us question whether we throw our books into the pile.
                 There is also interaction between the viewers and the installment, giving out handmade books and pencil to write inspiration thoughts done, either for poetry, literature or art. What I think of this installation is an artist's interpretation of the space of inspiration, one of the atmospherical places that writer go into to unlock one's self in their work. Think of it as a mind palace that suggestions of time stopping as you reflect on those peaceful words.

                    Next, we stuck into a poetry reading titled "North of Boston: Four New Hampshire Poets", featuring Poets, Maggie Dietz, Todd Hearon, Matt Miller and Ralph Sneeden. We weren't able to be there is the beginning but heard most of the poems that were read aloud to the audience. Most of the poems had a theme of family tragedy, childhood humor and small mythology characters tie in. Most creative jokes was about the thought of snow being god's hair dandruff while another was featuring one of the poet's father's personality in the poem. What stood out the most strongly were the words of facing guilt and tragedy. This actually made me think about the possible fear of facing death of my parents and close family. The emotions of depression and denials comes to mind but nothing could ever depict the possible moments and they are not the emotions that I have no desires to feel them. Just shows how powerful words words can be to link to our viewers. So this is my saying to my parent, I really do miss you and I hold you closely in my hearts. I am afraid of that moment of seeing you there so I am graceful to sent time with you two (me crying now). I can't express myself my love for you all the time but I wish to say it now. Love you both mom and dad, can't wait to see you next week. 
Lastly, we visited the poetry panel "Migrants, Monsters and Mutants" featured by Poets Tamiko Beyer, Joseph O. Legaspi, Bushra Rehman and Janine Joseph. Here, this was an interesting one that we were looking forwards to when it expressed the ideas of animalism of society, interaction of technology and the immigrants integration of to America. One of the poets, Janine Joseph, inputed her experience of her memory loss from a car crash. Overall, all these poems were based off pieces of art pieces in order to express their beliefs. There seems to bring in a thought of defining hybridization, as the in between link between the different cultures. 

As the wrap up of the day, we had lunch at the popular pizza place called The Flying Sauce. Best way to describe is the hangout place surrounded by sci-fi world and fictional characters that cover the wall. Not to mention, if you want to watch Doctor Who, you get to watch the episodes while eating your large awesome titled pizza!! Then you can have a delicious dessert pizza coated in Nutella chocolate and sliced strawberries on top a pizza dough like a gram cracker. Seriously, I need to try making some of these recipes that I tried in college. Totally movie night food!! 

Finally, a quick trip into the comic book store to take some of the free handed out comic books. I choose the Avatar, the last Airbender comic and The Guardian of the Galaxy comic. This was a great day to enjoy instead of staying indoors like today (but I have an excuse because the weather was being wacky and non-sensible to comprehend). I was really happy that I had this opportunity to go to Salem and the Poetry festival of 2014. In fact, I'm inspired to go back to write poetry over the summer, maybe find a way to integrate this into my artwork.


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