Friday, September 5, 2014

The Time in England part 2

            I don't really know what I should talk about England or even how. Not that I like to be brief with this but I feel like I don't have a lot of time for writing. Whatever now, since I got myself writing now.
             For part 2, I suppose I'll talk about some of my favorite places from England. First place I felt inspired in was the town of Bath, in South West England. This place was centered around the famous Roman bath house, where people from all over would be clean themselves from all the battle scars and disease. Not only is it the biggest bath house in England but it a natural hot spring made believed to be created from the goddess, Sulis. Here, you can walk around and experience the everyday lifestyle in a Roman bathhouse while looking upon the remaining artifacts and stone remains. So why isn't this bath house being used as a modern day bath? Well it seem that slowly in time, the hot spring was gathering lead so the Romans that bathe in it started to go "coco-coco for coco puffs" once they did. To read more about it, here's two links to check out:

            Honestly this place was so welcoming to walk around in as the employees were delighted to be around. There were two ladies dressed in white togas having a causal conversation and a blacksmith talking a little with the tourists. Here's a story, when I was settling do beside the public pool and doing this illustration, someone dressed in a Roman soldier uniform came up to me and drew with me. He actually carried around a pallet full of harden bee wax that he engraved with. And we did have an enjoyable conversation with each other, being based on a realistic Roman soldier as he talked about himself and the bath house itself. So big shout out to that awesome guy for making my day.

               Then another place that I really like and would love to go back to was Stratford, England. This is famously known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. As it is a tourist attraction, it isn't as busy as the other places. It really feels like a small town in the country side, which it actually embraces in. There are so many, many gardens to look upon, full of rich color and smells as it expresses their belief from Shakespeare's plays ( Not only was it neat to looking inside his home to feel the particular lifestyle of that period, they actually displace artist's work that were inspired by Shakespeare, including these beautiful bronze structures that is an abstract interpretation of one of his sonnets.

             Now is it all beautiful only in the birthplaces of Shakespeare? Actually no, since they have a cute boardwalk to exposes all the stores to check out, a beautiful river to float along and the most peaceful park that you can walk in.
              Even with the odd weather of rain and sunshine at the same time, you can get the moment of a rainbow. In fact, we spotted a lot of rainbows in England more often because of the light patches of rain that came down in a day. And majority of the people are really happy and kind to be around when mentioning their. While a lot of famous people from history were inspired by this place and I did too, so really do swing by this town when visiting England. It is one beautiful place for art to emerge in.

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