Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heating up for Fall

                Hello all!! So big hug and kisses to my Mother to enjoy her birthday back home and hoped she had beautiful weather in Cape Cod. And I also want to say Happy Anniversary to my parents as well!! I don't really have an art piece ready but I have one in mind. I do hope you enjoy this sketch I did of you and Dad :) Always my favorite picture of you two.

               So quick update is that I'm doing homework as always, mostly of writing papers and drawing two more illustrations for tomorrow morning. This time the assignments was to arrangement three particular sounds into a creativity narrative. The one on the top was my first piece, of a pickup trunk carrying a crying baby, producing the ocean scene trailing behind them. The one on the bottom is a realistic scene of a baby being chased by a remote control trunk at the beach. Don't really know what everyone else will have but I'm hoping to be part of the creativity side of the group tomorrow.

               Then while doing typography homework, I been recording particular sounds through out the house just so it can be arranged in a sequence narrative without any visuals. There is a lot of choose from it just making sure the audio comes in flesh and clear. I could also say that I pick up a money opportunity for film one hour lectures. It not easy but it was a skill that I wanted in my job application.  

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