Sunday, September 21, 2014

Four Word Illustration

            Second main Illustration project was to pick out four words on a particular English Dictionary page and then draw them together in a narrative. Yes it was difficult, especially when choosing the words that you would see fix together in a one creativity image. There were a number of times that I would have to swap out some word but my final choice was : Looking Glass, Looting, Loosing, and Looby (another word for clumps, or clumsy).

              The one on the left is pretty much my favorite, as it illustrates the two main robbers looting the house through the view of the looking glass. From all the vivid textures defined in the scene to expressing the characteristics of the main characters make this illustration amazing. I do feel bad that I couldn't figure something out for the area below but I feel I put enough information inside the looking glass.
               Lastly the one on the right is a basic comic book page where I pretty much had fun playing with negative and positive space, panel arrangement to having a silent narration tell what happening. If you cannot tell, basically the Looby robber accidentally gets scared by a dusty mirror and sends it down onto the other robber. There is result to him have a bloody nose and loosing a tooth. Mostly, I enjoyed intimated the dark areas for indicate the nighttime zone as well as illustrating the textures with different mark making.

            Overall, I put a lot of time into these illustrations (which I mean staying up until three in the morning to put them together) as they successful display the selections of words in a unique manner. 

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