Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Time in England part 3

Hey, here are more watercolor sketches I did from England.

The one below is of the Tor in Glastonbury, Uk. It holds up the legend of St. Michael's church, the resting place of Richard Whiting's execution and the mythology place as the "Isle of Avalon" where King Arthur would awaken from. Again, this was one of my favorite place to explore, when conquering the steep hill to the overwhelming view of the valleys. People say that being at the highest altitude can better your health, and when reaching that point I felt amazing to look upon. 

Here are some natural landscapes I did when hiking throughout England. One those places was the Limestone pavement, filled with beautiful rivers, cows and breath-taking bird eye views. What's really cool are the textures left in the limestone. They somehow remind me of snakes or walking along a cracked fraction of land.

Another large castle was Goodrich castle, probably the brightest and large one to walk around in. The atmosphere itself really reminded me of the medieval times. Perhaps because it wasn't surrounded by a city but in the middle of the forrest where it was more peaceful. It is very close to clashing with Edinburgh castle but it gets to go on my favorite landmarks list.  

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