Friday, September 26, 2014

The Time in England Part 4

Okay, these are the last of my watercolor sketches I did on my England/ Scotland trip.

Best thing about England are the number of beautiful churches and chapels that were build in during their day. Then seeing their ruins makes it more beautiful.

One of my favorite places in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle!! Those "you need to go see it to believe" landmarks.

These series of paintings were of Hadrian Wall, the few parts of the wall that borders along England and Scotland.  

Here is a view of Stonehenge, in fact it is the only view I got to see them. You want advice, don't visit Stonehenge. The place is totally fenced off for outsiders while prepaid people have to take a paid bus to see it some what "up close. It much better to be stuck in traffic and grab some picture of the road, it is much more cheaper. 

Lastly, this was soda beverage that I casually drink in Scotland. I would say it is like a sport drink but more sugarly. My brother even though it smelled like the bubble gum flavor goo that dentist use for teeth cleaning. To bad they don't service it here in America because that would be my college drink.    

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