Saturday, March 8, 2014

Artwork of Spring Break/ Lego movie review

     Hello, to myself and my followers.

                 Sorry for not having a Friday post :/ that happened to be the day that my life drawing class was operating longer and  the day that I was driven back home for Spring Break. So,  to make that day up, it will be very likely that I will be posting many more post of artwork and anything interesting to mention during the break. Mostly. its going to be homework because that what I had to bring back with me in order to finish up.
                 I had a particular goal to get all my homework done ahead of time but the bizarre time management and the medium I was working with delayed that goal. So, I have two oil painting to finish, an abstract wood sculpt, two english papers to peer through, and an art history midterm to study for. Not the best time, I believe to think about, but I guess it gives me more time to work when I got nothing else planned.

                Now then, Friday, when my life drawing class was functioning as good as usual. The number of searches of the human figure can really benefit laying out your drawings. However, we got to use a new medium, which was basically painting with ink. Well, it is actually black woodblock ink (used for wooden block prints) on poster board paper. The process was to paint the entire sheet with a thick coat then pull out its lightest parts of the image with a paper towel. This is my attempt to drawing the figure with woodblock paint.

                 For the first time ever, I think that this is a good attempt to painting the figure (even thus the legs do look dinosaur like). Which is why, during the break, I am going to practice painting with this medium to have a better feeling and understanding with the mark-making and value planes on the figure. So, that will be the upcoming art pieces on the blog.

                Next, besides of waking up at seven in the morning and complaining about the aching legs from the two hour car ride, I decided to get at least one of my projects done. That would be my wood sculpting project, that is design as an abstract but displaying some kind of tension with the different scales of wood blocks. 

                           Every time I look upon this piece, I must of a pleasing but at the same time hatred piece because of the time consuming amounts of time I have to send on it. I should I have done something simple but honestly, I didn't know how to express these requirements.                
                           But at the same time, I wouldn't have had the long amounts of time using the wood shop equipment's to slice, drill or sand. But also my Dad, who help me put the last pieces onto the sculpt.
                          Now, I have to finish painting it since I did a spray coat of camo green and been thinking of putting a contrast color on the covered part. I say that this is one art piece almost complete from what it was, which was a plastic grocery bag of small wooden parts.  

                 So, while waiting for the spray paint to dry, I finally go to see the animated stop motion/ CGI LEGO Movie with my lovable brother, Connor :)
                 Honestly, my nostalgia senses sparked off when I saw their first trailer and I knew that he would look it.
                When we were children, when our house was just a giant world that we covered with play mobiles, barbies, marker doodles, alphabetic foam mats and McDonald collectable, everyone knew that Connor was the Lego expert. He could turn a pile of lego bricks into a spaceship, building, landscapes and creativity worlds to glaze at. I never ever knew whether he was following the instructions or not but he came up with beautiful and unique designs than ever. I keep thing that all his construction and art work came from the hand tools from Legos.
                  This was probably the one day that Connor and I got to do something together. Because of college, it makes it difficult to keep in touch or hang out without reality shoving jobs and homework into our faces. Sitting in front of the television playing Mario cart was probably the most time we hung out. I would say that we would hang out at our granite kitchen counter but that the family bonding spot pretty much. So it was really exciting and relieving for the both of us to be together, outside the house.

               Okay, what I can say that the movie was phenomenal and bought a lot of surprises to me. Right now, I am giving a large applause to Chris McKay and the entire crew to the production because it came out fabulous!! For all those two to three year, they put out tons of passion and effort into making your toy figures move. Especially the movement that they replicate the stop motion and then add the tiny touches of CGI. I have never been a fan of the CGI ninja, superhero or random lego theme movies so it actually nice to see them have the motion very related to an actual lego figure. Again, another applause to the animator crew.
                   The overall story starts off like a unlikely hero being misinterpreted as the special one to save the lego world. However, as the story unravel itself, a large twist happens in the end which I can't spoil to you. But the humor is awesome, very unique and great pacing to follow. Not to mention, seeing all the different themed lego characters interact with each other is awesome!
               From what I researched, it turned out that it was shown the same time as The Passion of Christ so it didn't have the total full house that it should have had because this should have been look on like Frozen. This is great family movie with comedy, action, thriller and even tear dropping moments through the movie. There is even a heart full morals that are being said in the end that people can relate to. For instance, the saying that ideas are powerful but need teamwork in order to keep it stable and strong to go forth.
               I give this movie a giant thumbs up, saying that this movie is up with Frozen (even though I haven't seen the movie) and should be seen by all because it really is a masterpiece. The layout and design of it just can inspire to do animation, whether in 3-D objects or flat paper forms.

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  1. Your cousins, Britt and Chance, loved it too and spend their days singing "Everything is awesome . . ."
    Glad you got to see it with Connor. We just came back from Legoland in FL and the kids were excited to meet Emmet in person! Love to see your blog.the Aunt M