Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Back!!!


                               I back to work for the long studio hours, just so I can finish these last few months of freshmen year. Although I do wish that I had more time to do some stuff than finishing two oil painting in the basement, gluing and painting a wood sculpt and editing two essays. But, some how, I was able to squeeze so much in one week: I got to attend two performances that my sister were involved with, my brother and I got to see the lego movie together, went out to celebrate my Aunt's birthday, was invited to see two artist's working studios, was then invited by a friend out for breakfast and got to see all my lovable friends and their performances. For one week, I really got a lot done. Jeez, I wonder what summer going to be like?
                 Speaking of which, I just turned in my job application to the COMO, where I was a camp counselor last year. It was interesting experience when being in charge of intelligent kids but I still feel the strongest in the art area. That is probably what people remember me by the most, especially the number of the drawn animal characters, lego men and buttons I created for them. So it would be nice to return to that job but I am looking out of any professional or volunteer work in the art department.

             For once I wish to see in on a Sunday but I happens to be the morning that I depart on. So through the morning of 7 or 8 am, my lovable mother and I went on packing and gathering the last of the food. And I mean all of it, because I don't want to go shopping until the middle of April so I have plenty of food to devour. So I want to thank her for helping be get all my clothing, food and art supply sorted out when packed up and unloaded into my house. I say that panini sandwich and a walk to the Hardie building was lovely to enjoy in Beverly, especially when it is finally SPRING!!! Everyone, cross your fingers about not having another snow day!!

           What else, well the one thing that I have been doing a lot when settling in Beverly is studying. It took one whole day to create all these 156 flash cards to study and now I have been looking through them through my break and now. This is the one reason that I was looking forwards to was the midterm exam for art history, which would be right after vacation.
            But would you know, when I found the handout of the exam, there was a date about when the exam would be: March 26th. . .    0_0    . . . . . I not taking any chances whether that is true or not so I'm going to keep doing what I do. I'll let you know on Friday if I took the test or not.
          Also, this is what I also do to study, which somehow help to memorize.

               Lastly, let talk about one of my vacation days that I probably won't have gotten to see. Apparently, my grandma made friends with a few extraordinary artist in her hometown and got to invite me to their studio space. I really haven't seen many studios, except for my Aunt and art tutor, but this was a great opportunity to see what they have created, what they are working on, the tools they use and the medium they express in. Because a studio is like a second home, it a sanctuary that you can always retreat to and will one benefit your needs. It may be clean, mess, covered or layer with artwork but it is a place that is meant for the artist to be inspire from. When see these two spaces, it really made me pumped on gaining a studio for myself, wonder when that will be?

              I first met Josie Dellenbaugh, who is a clay and stone sculptor. Since I was currently taking a three dimensional class, it would be a good idea to show a real sculpture studio space. I was really impressed with her work, especially when she knew the proportion of the human body, using different mark-making to create unique textures and craved out the clay model into a bronze statue. 
               In the picture below, she goes to special facility that covers her statue with a mold and bakes bronze replicates. Most of her statues have a biblical theme to them, from the Madonna and Child to the old testament, which seems very different but it makes sense to the public. All these statues can attract the viewers, being recognizable icons to link to but having beautiful craftsmanship. 
             However I was really impressed by her stone craving work. Feeling the smooth surfaces of the stone materials, the beautiful movements through the form and natural patterns emerged into the rock. It actually really inspired to try craving forms out of rocks, which I wish they could teach in my class this semester. If you wish to see more of her artwork, check out her link here:  

                 Then I went to Christopher Gurshin's studio, who is a painter and wood sculptor. When first stepping into his studio, it looked like little two story house and a general store market. There were a number of paintings, boxes, wooden houses and sign panels for stores that covered the entire studio space. All of his artwork started off when he finally graduated high school. However, Gurshin wasn't accepted into his enlisted art school so he was then inspired him to start a business of his own and produce a variety of art work.
                He has created almost everything you can think of: winter wonderland, halloween nights, summer valleys, spring scenes, harbors, houses, boats, pigs, door panels, ice cream, muffins and chimneys. But mostly, he enjoys capturing his homes of Glastonbury and the towns of Massachusetts. All these pieces can really show his passion to his home, which people can relate to and look back to the past life.
               Then the painting style that he used in his painting is very contemporary, which he had to teach himself when art schools were expressing the impressions or modern art. Being contemporary can really emphasize the past artwork and can be altered in its own way. By the way, his painting are very, very details. The tinniest pieces of light, shadow and details in the his paintings, whether to make the right snow color or the paint the number of windows of the houses. If you want to see more of his work, check out his link here:  

 Overall, I wish to thank them for showing me their beautiful artwork and unique studios that they live in. I hope to keep in touch with them and visit them again, whether it a gallery show or off for coffee. My blog will run as usual on Friday and Sunday, with new art pieces and updates about art school. Enjoy your St. Patrick Day!!

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