Friday, March 28, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

               Advising day, Painting, 3-D, English, Art History, Life drawing, college activity and preparations for Saturday. A lot of events happened this week that I imagined, I was lucky that I had time to do my assignments. So, I'll give a summary of each class and day of this week.

             Painting started off as a day of critique of our three oil paintings of the black and white still life and the master paintings. People were pretty impressed with the paintings, using a particular manner of painting as well as replicating the Degas's piece. Now our next project is a colored still life, used of vibrant colors combination of fabrics and everyday outfits. I hoping that it will be similar to the color pastel pieces that I produced in Drawing I.

            Speaking of pastels, my awesome Drawing teacher asked me to draw pastels portraits for their annual event, The Art Auction. This is their popular event held in Salem where they auction off beautiful art pieces by Seniors, Alumni's and teachers. While that goes on, vary of work stations of animation, sculpture, painting, etc. One of the stations that I working at is a space where students drawing each other while people watch. It a peek into the student live artwork created from Montserrat. I not sure how many pieces we will make but there is a rare opportunity to sell your freshly new portraits. Again, I am very excited for this and glad that my friends are coming along with me. I'll talk about my reaction of the Art Auction on Sunday.

            Next, on Tuesday, was the entire day of Advising Day. I finally got to see my Advisor for the first time this semester. The first thing I showed to him was my sketchbook of watercolors and gouache sketches, because I wanted to see how invested I was in the medium. Also, I wanted to ask him if there were any watercolor media classes next semester. Unfortunately, there won't be teaching that course until spring semester but he strongly suggested that I take the Illustration I course by the head of the Illustration department. And I was a little bummed that I won't have a class with him again but he said we would before graduation.

So the courses that I'm attending to sign up for is Illustration I, Audio & Film Media, Graphic Design I, Introduction of Creative Writing and English Composition 2    

              So I finally had my Art History Midterm on Wednesday and what did I think? Well, I thought I got ripped off. I sent many, many hours and interruption to study the 156 flash cards. And in the end, it was a page long of ten questions and an critique essay. I barely reference the vocabulary worlds, a few iconic art pieces and the Last Supper interpretations. I thought there would be challenged a little more than having a art history quiz.     

             Thursday, I finally got to make fresh powdered to liquid to solid plaster block. The best analogy that my partner and I came up with plaster was clam chowder, cream soup and vanilla milk shake. But do not let the appearance fool you because when you stir your hand in the plaster, it feels like white fluid with hidden cold pieces of mud or clay. Not the best sensation of feel at the bottom of the bucket. It even takes two buckets to fill in one box, pretty ridiculous. I'll take a picture of the finally result of the solid plaster outside the box on Sunday. 


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