Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monkey Island Illustrations

                So while advising day is coming up, I have been keeping up with my watercolor and gouache sketches. Also I been keeping myself relax by getting back to pc program games. Somehow, I don't really remember how but I was suddenly drawn to the point & click game of "The Secret of Monkey Island".

          Originally, this creativity game was created in 1990 by Ron Gilbert under Lucas games. Then it was then updated in 2009 from the pixel bit to color talking figures interacting in this Caribbean world. Unfortunately, I never played the 1990 version but was happy that I found this version, especially the beautiful artwork that was put through the direction of art director, Jeff Sangalli. All the characters, props and background lay outs were hand painted by many, many artist including Dela Longfish, Molly Denmark, Yong Zhen Tan, Charlie Kim, Hwanggyu Kim, Richard Lim, Andre Pong and Paul Pierce.
               When first playing it, I really fell in love with the artwork that tells the story of Monkey Island. So what the best way to combine the artwork and watercolor is the replicate the style in this medium. The first two portraits of the main character and his love interest I copy in the understand the art style used in the characters.

                   Then I applied the style into my own imagery, such seen below. I actually think that this art style really helped my with my illustrations. When using my life drawing search technique to this realistic cartoon can help make real humans. I can even add it into my characters and study drawings in my sketchbook. By the way, I am really, really excited by this semester because I am almost done filling in my sketchbook. For many years, I never even finished filling in my book with my sketches so it will be an awesome achievement.

                     By the way, HAH!!! This is the actually final painting of the black and white painting of Edgar Degas's Dancer piece. So see if you can spot the edits I made in the painting. Your prize will be knowing that you have well working eyes.

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