Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cinderella the Musical review

Cinderella 2014, Sally Motycka

            It was finally the day, the moment where my high school was performing their interpretation of Cinderella. Apparently, it's title Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella musical, since it is based on the fairy tale and features more enjoyable musical numbers. You could say that they can really set the atmosphere of the world that the characters exist in. Especially with a fairy tale, it is the emotions that are being emphasized for the audience to response to.

              So, for the first time seeing this, it was pretty awesome. Especially for a large cast and crew of 94 students. The class I was in was pretty large so it is interesting to actually see a large cast perform on the auditorium stage. And when you are limited to the space on the stage is interesting how they compromise when designing the dance routines. Which, by the way, we mostly put together by my younger sister, Jess, so big applause to her for doing that. Even her dancer friends help her out as well since they all associate with a private dance company.
              Then, the sets themselves came out really well for benefiting each scene. Even with the number of snow days that delayed their rehearsals and the difficulties recitals to get through. However, personally, that the lifestyle of the drama club. There will also be stress, difficult people to work with and even memories that you keep ramping to yourself, the overall a performance. Like when you smile at your favorite scene, or laughing at the door you created and watching it fall off its hinges, or become teary to a character death. Then when it comes to the ending, it can really bring some excitement and passion into the play. That pretty much the drama life I got out of it.

            Okay I got to say this, it probably sounds stupid but I got to say this. The scene after the actress of Cinderella runs off at the ball, the actor of the Prince comes across the glass slipper then walks down stage, and emoting utter shock and sadness. Just by that act, I started to cry and I don't know why. I know that story so many versions, from the ballet performance, the disney movie, live action movie or the "Into the Woods" version and I never cried at those scenes. I was happy that they were experiencing love and knew that they would end up together. So why would I be touched by this scene?
           Well, one theory is the actor himself. I knew him when I was in the drama production and knew what a great guy he is. But I could really see him playing this prince character, speaking the dialogue from the script in his own voice and express visible emotions to the audience. Or perhaps I become attached to this characters since I got to get a better understanding of the Prince with his royal surroundings. Or maybe I'm weird but I got to say that I am impressed. From a guy speaking in the introductions in the light booth to an ensemble performer to a main character is a great moment to see in him, even when it is his last show in his high school.
              Speaking of, a lot of cast members that have moved up into some larger characters, like the actress of Cinderella. I last seen her as the elders or ensemble actors so seeing play a main role is really exciting to see. Congrats to her on getting that Cinderella, excellent performances. Then the whole stepsisters and stepmother were awesome as always. I really loved how they interacted with each other and their musical numbers. And of course the Fairy Godmother. The Actress really expressed a creativity and moody side of the fairy godmother that I never seen before so A+ on making that awesome. Lionel was amazing as always when exclaiming a joke, and of his girlfriend too! I hope get a scene where they act together so day :) The King and Queen were an lovable couple. The young child actors were amazing and cute when doing their scenes! Everyone is always awesome, and I very, very know very that the back stage crew done an awesome job operating the show because they are the true makers to the entire show. I do hope that this year has been much better to them than some of the problem I had.
               In conclusion, I really enjoyed their productions of Cinderella and was happy to see everyone!! So thank you again to the parents, friends and everyone there
for one wonderful afternoon :)

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