Friday, March 21, 2014

Registration and Housing Needs

          Can you feel it in the air? It is that time to look through all the 2014 fall courses for next semester. I am really excited by this because I get more freedom to choose what classes to do and what medium to experiment with. I have done all my studio foundation classes, evidence that I have the perquisites to sign up for advance studio classes. You could say it is a step up and experimental time before deciding your major. 
           The only downer that I see is the limitation of class course. Last semester, professors kept saying over and over that "you need to do classes that you never done before, work with a medium that you never used before because it could be your possible future major". Which is a good to think about but if you try all theses classes you might not have enough credits for a particular major. I'm still leading towards illustration but with used of different mediums like watercolor, wire, graphite and etc. I want to try new classes but I just feel like I won't have the credit or time to get into the class. That's why we have advisors to meet with. I meeting with him tuesday so I will talk about my possible classes next friday :)

            And now, Housing!!!! Honestly, these two semesters have gone by very, very fast that I barely remember Spring break, which by the way too short to enjoy. College vacation is very confusing. What is up coming in April is the arrangement for the housing lottery for students who is planning to live on campus. Basically, the housing coordinator would email us a number, which was the results of the gained credits of the overall semester. What number you had would assign you the order of choosing. It is your goal to get the lowest number in order to get first pick.
            Also they are doing a brand new picking for housings. Originally, the student would just pick the house they wish to be in, and if they had a specific roommate they wish to bunk with then they would chose the lowest and best number to go with. Now, they added new features to the lottery: Group Housings and Open Housings. Group housing is the choice to have a group of friends of six to eight to room together in an apartment. Then Open housing is the choice of living in a co-ed apartment housing, meaning that you could room in with your boyfriend, girlfriend or co-ed friends. Most of the housing coordinator don't recommend it to students since it's an unusually living space between boys and girls, but they still opened it up to see if it success. 
            What I been think, and even talking with my friends, that we want to do the group housing. By this, we get to room together next semester and hang out together more often. It will be much easier to hang out when I had to walk to their house. If we do the group housing, we're planning have share the double bedrooms instead of triple rooms. It will be a little bit more expensive than the triple but not as much as a single. And after the complication and storing issue with the triple made it difficult to enjoy living in. I am very exciting about this and will let you know soon as this production begins. A lot is happening and it not even midterms!!

                     Finally, here are my finish art pieces from this week of all my studio classes. Coming up, self portrait in oil paint, a plaster made organ and many more charcoal drawing of the model.      



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